Mum says she no longer has to do clothes returns because son takes her outfits

Sam Elphick, 16, ‘rocked’ the leopard print belted dress when he tried it on and said he feels more ‘free’ wearing his mum’s clothes and likes to stand out.

A mum-of-five says she no longer has to worry about online shopping returns – because her son now wears the outfits she would otherwise send back.

Sam Elphick, 16, said he feels more ‘free’ wearing his mum’s clothes and likes to stand out.

His mother, Jo Jenner, from Stockport, ordered a leopard print belted back dress from SHEIN a few weeks ago.

But she was disappointed when it was delivered, and said it looked more like a ‘tent’ on her petite frame.

The 42-year-old was preparing to bag it up for returns when Sam said he loved the dress for himself.

After initially planning to give it one of her two daughters, Jo offered to let Sam try it on, before he confidently modelled it in their living room.

Now the senior care assistant has celebrated never having to take dreaded trips to the Post Office again, because if a dress doesn’t look great on her, her son will ‘rock it’ instead.

Jo said: “I never wear dresses but I ordered a dress online.

“When it came it didn’t fit. It was too big. It just looked like a tent on me.

The leopard dress didn’t suit Sam’s mum (

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“I thought ‘okay, I’ve got five children, one of them will want it’.

“I just didn’t think it’d be Sam.”

“I’ve got two girls and three boys,” Jo added.

“One of my girls said ‘oh, I’d have had that’ when she saw Sam in it, but he’d already claimed it.

“I was going to give it to my daughter, but Sam came in and said ‘oh, I like that’.

“I said ‘do you want to try it on’ and he rocked it. It was a leopard print one.

“If a dress doesn’t look great on me, I can give it to my son. I don’t have to worry about online shopping anymore.”

Sam, who is due to start college in September, is obsessed with Ru Paul and his mum claims his passion for drag has given him bounds of confidence, when he had previously struggled to look people in the eye.

Jo said: “Sam’s been doing this for a while now.

“Being a drag queen is something he’s looking at doing. He’s obsessed with Ru Paul.

“I think when Sam’s got make up on, he’s completely free and his confidence soars. For him, it’s amazing he can have a conversation with a stranger that he wouldn’t even think of normally. He wouldn’t even look them in the eye.

“Everyone’s been really positive, which is really nice.”

After posing for a fun photoshoot in his mum’s glad rags, Sam has revealed he loves standing out and would ‘rather be a star’.

Sam said: “My mum’s sense of style can be laid back sometimes, but other times eccentric.

“I feel freer when I wear mum’s clothes, like I can be a new person. It’s just more fun. I like to stand out more. I’d rather be a star than some dull boring person.”

“I’d rather stick out than blend in. I’d love to be a drag queen in the future. People can take me as what I am,” Sam added.

“The reaction online has been really positive. I’ve not had one negative comment. It’s been more like constructive criticism than hateful, with people saying ‘add a black belt or kitten heels’.

“I’ve got heeled boots on in the picture with the dress. They were my mum’s – she gave them to me.

“We’re a pretty similar shoe size so we can share shoes as well.

“My friends have been supportive. I’ve not had anyone comment on it negatively.