How One Man Went To Great Lengths To Find “Rahul” In London, Return His Wallet

A Twitter user has won hearts on the Internet with an account of how he managed to track down a man in London to return his wallet. Ghazi Taimoor, whose Twitter bio identifies him as the Head of Professional Education at Lahore University of Management Sciences School of Education, took to the microblogging platform on Thursday to relate how he found the wallet on a London street. In his now-viral thread, he explained how he went managed to track down the owner despite the fact that he had no contact information in his wallet, or social media accounts through which Mr Taimoor could have reached him.
“Guys! Just found this wallet on Shoreditch High street,” wrote Mr Taimoor on Twitter yesterday, sharing a picture of the wallet. “Name on the bank card suggests the wallet belongs to a Rahul R. Time to HUNT RAHUL DOWN,” he added.

In the next few tweets, Mr Taimoor explained how he managed to track Rahul down after having no luck finding him on Facebook or Instagram.

“A Google image search suggest all Rahul R* live in Gujrat, India. Don’t think it’s them. Need suggestions!” he wrote, identifying the owner of the wallet only by his first name to protect his identity.

Having had no luck on Facebook and Instagram, Mr Taimoor turned his attention to LinkedIn and found three individuals of the same name – with only one working in London. “LinkedIn says Rahul works for a UK Food and Beverage company. Has to be him!” he wrote.

His attempts to reunite Rahul with his wallet were thwarted once again by the fact that the company did not list their address on their website or Google.

Undeterred, Mr Taimoor managed to find the address through the company’s annual accounts filed on Companies House, which is the UK’s registrar of companies.

Mr Taimoor started off for their head office in Shoreditch. “He better not have cancelled his bank cards else this was for nothing. Rahul I’m coming!” he wrote on Twitter.

After all the ado, he did at last manage to track down Rahul – and shared a picture for everyone who was now following his journey on Twitter with much interest.

Rahul, a Finance Manager, was in “shock” after receiving his wallet. “He’s in shock. Tears in his eyes,” wrote Mr Taimoor, sharing a picture of the wallet owner smiling from ear to ear.

The Twitter thread has gone viral with nearly 5,000 ‘likes’ and hundreds of ‘retweets’ and comments.

“Thank you for sharing this with us. Loved it!” wrote one Twitter user. “Guys like you are in short supply! Hard to come by. You’ve done fabulously in quest for Rahul,” another complimented Mr Taimoor.

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